Here is a page with Mini-Bios from everyone on the Management Team.

Founder: ML88Edit

Hello wikia, I am the founder of this wiki as well as the leader of this fantastic Management team; ML88. I am

Lycantheropic Otherkin

from the Great White North (ie. Canada). I had a dream that people all around the world would be able to finally be free of the judgement of being Otherkin/Therian and that our people could just live freely and be able to be who they are without the fear of judgement.

A little about my Otherkin, I have what is known as Physical Otherkinism, meaning that I have my Otherkin as well as a few Manifested souls (6 Otherkin Souls in total), M-Shifting is rather easy for me, but as we all know, for now P-shifting on the physical plain, is a big challenge and as proven impossible to this point. (Check out my Theory page as well as my User page for more on me)

Please Enjoy my site, and welcome to the community.

Admin: Lady SanguineEdit

Rollback: Storm RavenHawkEdit