The Divines that walk among us, but as you all know "God"/"Goddess" is a title given to a being to become part of whatever pantheon they hold, once a God or Goddess dies or incarnate that title is lost. Though they may still have power but it will never be like it once was.

In simpler terms most god kin consider themselves demigods. Or otherwise known an offspring of a god and mortal.

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The Three Faces of The Divine Mother (A Type of God-Kin)

History of God/Demi-God kinEdit

Demigods appear all over the place in mythology. In Greek mythology, examples of demigods would be Achilles or Perseus. There also fictional series on god kin and/or descendants of the gods.

-Most popular: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Short Summary: These two book series are about a boy named Percy Jackson who finds a mysterious camp for demigods. And his adventure starts when he is "claimed" the son of Poseidon.

-Other lesser known works of god kin fiction: Oh.My.Gods. By Terra Lynn Childs

Short Summary: Can a quick decision marriage and move really be that bad? Well it is for this main character who is about to head on a ride of a life time when she goes to a school full of god descendants. Could she really be one? She begins as a skeptic (just a normal outsider) and eventually finds she is a close descendant to Nike, goddess of victory. Here wild adventure begins here.

Traits of Divine kinEdit

The traits of someone who represents themselves as Divine Otherkin are the following;

  • Modesty (or extreme lack of)
  • Arrogance (Extreme or Lack of)
  • (On going)