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Dragons, the wise ones as they are so called, are another form of Otherkin with which people have been known to associate themselves. Dragons tend to be more withdrawn and only interfere when they feel it necessary. Each type of dragon(dark, light, fire, earth, air, frost,etc) have different dialects and tend to speak telepathically, their words sitting in the minds of others for a long time. Dragons prefer not to act right away, take their time and think everything through before hand. Let us talk about the dragon society and the species. Dragons live in the ether/etheric like many other beings and are some of the greatest beings to exist.

Dragon HistoryEdit

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Traits of DragonkinEdit

Listed below are some of the typical traits of Dragonkin.

The traits of Dragons are:
Dragon TF by Childofdune


  • High Wisdom
  • Territorial (in the sense of, they have one area that they like to spend a lot of time (room in the house maybe) into which they don't like people going or intruding)
  • Arrogant (to a point, but not fully)
  • Tendency to not speak as much, but they tend not to look like they are shy or rather cautious of others.
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